#TeamBumbleBeeTravels: Yuna’s 1st Trip to Singapore – Day 3

IMG_20140831_102654#1At the bus stop to Singapore Zoo. Fine weather today.

We don’t know what happened but since it’s still August, rainy season still. When we got to Singapore Zoo, the rain started pouring, hence we were just on the side waiting for it to stop. Good thing we have not bought our ticket yet. It was almost lunch time when we left for nothing. IMG_20140831_131537_editWe head our way to Science Center Singapore. Atleast dun indoor, hindi kami mauulanan.

We explored the exhibitions first then proceeded to Snow City.


Cameras are prohibited in the Snow chambers that’s why we didn’t get any photos. We had to leave our belongings in the lockers provided.

Snowtubing was fun and painful if your tube slides faster than you. Masakit sa pwet.


We left Snow City in less than an hour since we can no longer feel our faces. Our sipon is dripping already. Hahah nakakahiya sa photographer.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in Singapore flyer where we met with my brother in law who’s been working in Singapore since 07.

20148311851282014831192126IMG_20140831_192133 IMG_20140831_200740

We visited the Merlion Park before calling it a night.


Sinong pagod?!? Hehe. See you Manila tomorrow.



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