Failed Kotong = Speeding Ticket

20141204133729-1Just hours before I take off to Singapore, I was gunned speeding along Macapagal Ave.

I am fully aware about the speed limit along Macapagal Ave, I haven’t driven there of more than 60kph. When I was flagged to stop on the side, I know something is fishy. It was almost lunch time, and these hungry MMDAs are looking for some free food. I didn’t have any money on me, I don’t like arguing since there is no point in that. I was in a hurry but not dashing. Not atleast where there is speed limits.

So they (because there were 3 of them) didn’t show me the speed gun of how fast I was going. They told me I was at 68kph, walang patawad. I told them it was just 56 in my meter but not on theirs. So I told them to issue me a ticket instead because I need to be at the airport in an hour. One of the MMDA said, ‘Sure ka Ma’am, tiketan na lang kita? 1,000 po ang penalty nito?’. I mean, what the heck! This is under the sun kotong!

My sarcasm kicks in and told them that I wasn’t speeding, my car was just fast. I drive an AT sedan with a 2.4 engine @ 160HP. My car can accelerate to 60kph in less than 10s that’s why I don’t juice it up too much.

I told them to just issue the ticket and I’ll pay at the bank. ‘Karma karma na lang kuya’ I said and left the scene after getting my ticket. I was so pissed I didn’t get to write down their names. Especially the other 2 MMDA arse who are laughing on the side. They were probably laughing since they didn’t get lunch money from me.

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