Travelocal: Hotel Supreme’s Staircase Museum


This is one of Hotel Supreme’s mini attraction. It’s genius that they decided to make a display of this kind in their staircase.

Yes, go easy in pajamas.

The display goes up from the 2nd floor all the way to the 6th floor.

For your eyes only. Antique memorabilias.img_0909img_0913img_0914img_0915Next Floor – Let’s see China!img_0917img_0916img_0918img_0919img_0921img_0920The Pride of Baguioimg_0923img_0924img_0922img_0926img_0927img_0928img_0929img_0931img_0933img_0934Here’s for Japanimg_0935img_0936img_0937img_0938img_0939img_0940Here’s one for the West side.img_0942What a cool experience as we get to see and feel these awesome displays.

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