Rumblings: Dickheads! (late post)

Please take care out there. There are a lot of shitty drivers who doesn’t know how to respect other motorists.

The 1st photo was taken last January, just right after having a great breakfast. The rider who hit me didn’t have his eyes on the road. Both of them were looking at something they think is far more important than me. When the police officer asked him why he’s not paying attention while driving, the rider said this…’may tinignan lang naman ako saglit ei’. Boom! Confession right there!

The 2nd photo was taken last February, on the way to drop my kid off to school. This multicab was loading passengers in a ‘no loading’ area. He decided to switch lane while I was moving and I hit his left side mirror (yes I admitted I hit him). He was in my freaking way!!! I wasn’t at fault. And nope, I didn’t pay for the damage to his vehicle. He was asking 600 pesos for it since he needed to replace both. Are you shitting me??? And so, I asked for 3000 pesos to cover for my insurance’s PF. We ended up covering our own expenses. Lol! Talk about ‘lugi’!

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