Rumblings: Kasambahay sentiments


When you wake up at nothing. Kabag for breakfast!

I said ‘wala ka MASYADO gagawin dito sa bahay’. It doesn’t mean ‘WALA kang gagawin dito sa bahay’

I never had luck with kasambahay. Had a few of them leave and some voluntarily left. There was one who was physically hurting my kid, one who is a klepto, another who wanted her kids to live with us, one who have a heart problem and three of which were emotionally stress due to homesickness.
The present was referred by a compadre, to whom her sister works as a kasambahay too. I had high hopes. It’s been two months since she started…and I still tell her what to do except for doing the laundry. Yung totoo ‘teh, labandera ba pinasukan mo at hindi all-around?

UPDATE: As of April 2016, she went home to the province and did not come back. All good, since nothing has been missing from the house. She just left a few of her clothes which I threw away. No sweat!

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