Why I think Yo! Panda was overrated


Matcha Flavored Bubble Waffle

When I read Click the City’s article about this newly opened resto that serves affordable asian food, I was intrigued of the egg waffle they have in the menu. A month later, I dragged hubby to drive me into the Metro.

From where we currently resides, we seriously take a lot into considerations before we head over to the Metro. Time and money factors in a lot. On an average weekend, it will take us 2-3 hrs drive from Cavite to Ortigas. The traffic is dreadful in C5. Kasumpa sumpa ang traffic dyan sa C5. Plus the toll fee – Php150 for one way!

Anyways, my desire to have a taste of that egg waffle maybe worth the trip (indeed!) We arrived almost merienda time and was starving. In other words, we ate traffic for lunch!

We had the Yo! Panda Poutine for appetizer. I didn’t expect the pork floss to be a chicharon.


Had the Premium Hong Kong Milk Tea to cool us down. This one did not disappoint. 20160904_153600

I ordered their Cantonese Style Beef Brisket to experience that ‘melts in your mouth meat’. And it does! But the taste….urgh…I felt ripped off. It was salty, like salty as soy sauce salty!  I didn’t get to finish all of it. And you see those litids?20160904_153814

Hubby had their Burger Steak and Rice. It was so so as well.20160904_154024

I guess with the price put into it, I would expect a little classy taste. A bowl of rice meal costing over Php200 each is not affordable if the taste is bland. Beef brisket in North Park is way better.

I would prolly go back for their bubble waffle desserts.

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