Travelocal: Day 1 Getting around Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park


Checked in at 2pm and since it’s raining, the kids wanted to walk around the cove and get wet before taking a dip in the pool.

At the side of our hotel is the walkway going to Island Spa and Fit Club.20161015_14574920161015_145811Across this bldg is the children’s playground.20161015_145829The La Covia Tent for your special events.20161015_15004820161015_150133Giant Chess pieces.20161015_15033920161015_150438Oceania Water Park reception and entry.20161015_150553Island map for your reference.20161015_150801Horseback riding anyone?!20161015_150901Bay KTV and parking space.20161015_151002Entry to the Fishing Village20161015_151019Island Cove’s on-going promos.20161015_14583720161015_14583920161015_14584120161015_145844

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