Travelocal: Island Cove’s Fishing Village


This is something that you and your kids should spend some time with. I guess depending on your fishing technique, you can alot 1-2 hrs for this activities.

We didn’t get to dine since we brought our left over food from lunch. Prolly next time we’ll check out the food in their menu.

20161015_151041Bamboo rod is at Php100 and Reel rod is at Php 250. No time limit specified so you guys can spend the whole day fishing. You have to pay Php 50 if you will be bringing your own rods. 20161015_15125720161015_15135120161015_15140220161015_15142120161015_15164620161015_15172320161015_15180320161015_15190820161015_153007The kids were happy with this one purple crab. Catch and release!20161015_163907.jpg

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