Travelocal: Island Cove’s Breakfast Buffet at Sangley Point


Our voucher comes with breakfast buffet for 4 persons. This is by far the most generous breakfast buffet I’ve ever gotten myself into. From the Hotel, we took the tram to the restaurant.

Good morning smiles!

Here’s what you can expect for their breakfast buffet. You can also check out Sangley Point Bar and Grill menu here.

The soup and rice section.20161016_07332420161016_07331920161016_07332220161016_07192120161016_07191320161016_071907Breads and Cereals20161016_071901The Yang Chow rice20161016_073310The famous Imus Longganisa20161016_073304Hotdogs20161016_073259Fried Boneless Bangus20161016_073143Tuyo and Tinapa20161016_073153Tocino20161016_073133Chicken Adobo20161016_073124Drinks section20161016_073110Fried Shanghai, smoked ham, pizza and fish fillet20161016_071840Fruits and Salad Bar20161016_07185620161016_071853and the complimentary fruits served per table20161016_072208

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