Travelocal: Island Cove’s Oceania Water Park and iCafe


Due to the gloomy weather, we were lazy to go around Oceania and found a spot to get more lazier. Dip and swim. Dip and swim…

Splash Park was closed for maintenance. And the kiddie pedal boat also not available at that time.20161015_150607Ah…what a gloomy day!20161015_17185120161015_17192120161015_17194420161015_172024

20161015_172803Daddy’s little girl.20161015_172843Here’s the kiddie pool on the other side.20161015_17361920161015_180815To wrapped up the night, light dinner at iCafe.

Here’s iCafe’s menu for your reference. We got a 20% discount for their Bacoor residents promo, just show them an ID as proof of your residency (gave them my driver’s license).

While waiting…Yuna grinding some coffee bean.20161015_193744And her obligatory xmas tree photo op.20161015_202900Here’s my milk tea…improvised. Jasmine tea with cream.20161015_195051There’s no better time for dessert. 20161015_195356Kids spaghetti platter for Kuya. 20161015_200856Caesar Salad for moi.20161015_200903Tuna sandwich for Dad.20161015_200935Full but light tummy we have…back to the hotel room.20161015_204329Good night world!!!

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