Event: Trick or Treat 2016


I wasn’t a fan of trick or treats simply because I don’t like the idea of giving kids too much sweets (boo boo for being a kj). But this year’s company event is one for keeps (you’ll find out later).

For the record, this year’s event is yet the most organized trick or treat. With the collaboration of Human Resources and Operations Group, t’was a success and I’m sure the  positive feedbacks from the attendees will be overflowing.

TOT came several weeks after the Company’s CSAW (Customer Service Appreciation Week) event, thus some of the booth designs were taken after each LOBs CSAW theme.

The games prepared by each booth were all amazingly thought off. It’s a mixed of physical and mental games that every kids would love.20161028_14543020161028_14543820161028_15074220161028_15074420161028_145432And with all the sweets looted by the kids, one booth gave a very thoughtful treats that no one had ever expected! Gold fish!!!! Kids got a chance to catch as many gold fish as they can and here’s the best part…they get to take it home with them! Sweet, right?!?20161029_125949Here’s the two kiddos checking their loot bags. 20161028_170630Excited for next years TOT!

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