Great Buy: HiTi Pringo WiFi Pocket Photo Printer



I’ve always been fascinated of films and printed photos. Being a Gen X baby, I grew up surrounded by people who loves documenting life’s memorable events through pictures. One of the most precious piece I found online is this portable photo printer.

Ladies and gentlemen meet Ingga! My HiTi Pringo WiFi Pocket Photo Printer.

Here’s the complete package.


Though I have a Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s (also bought online 6 yrs ago), the craving to get an instant photo printer is inevitable. This one in particular may not be the top 1 best pick for photo printers but I’m glad it made into the top 3 photo printers of 2016 review of Ezvid.


2 photo stands, 1 box of papers/ribbons, leather case, printer unit, 16-pages photo album, manual, usb adapter, charger/base, usb cable

1 box of papers and ribbons is good for 30 sheets of photos. 20161106_102324The unit is so easy to operate. Just make sure that you charge the battery for 1.5 hrs prior. 20161106_103613You can only load 10 sheets of photo paper into the unit. The ribbon is good for 10 sheets of photos as well. There is no preference of which one goes in first. 20161106_120423


Glossy side facing downward.

Once your unit is ready for use, connect your smartphones or tablets via WiFi connection. Install the necessary firmware once prompted (you will need to reconnect to your internet for this). Also you may want to setup a wifi passcode to prevent unauthorized use of your printer.



To turn the printer on, press 1 sec. To turn off, press and hold the button for 3 secs until the light comes off.

Do not forget to download the Pringo apps (listed below) in your smartphones or tablets. The nice thing about the Pringo app, it has a wide variety of free stuffs that you can download. You can download borders, stamps, collage templates, postcards and even business card in the Prinfan Shop.

  • Pringo app is a photo editing app available for both IOS and Android devices.
  • Prinsnap is a snap and print app. Available for Android devices only.


20161106_122428Here’s the comparison of prints from my instax mini 7s and the Pringo printer. See how lively the colors are in the Pringo printed photo.


I over exposed one of the instax photo. Forgot to change the dial settings.

This printer is so compact it’s almost the same size as my Samsung S5 phone. 20161106_103016_fotorThe leather case (magnetic flap) also has a slot where the photo paper would come out. But I won’t recommend you use the unit enclosed in the case, since the unit becomes hot when printing.

Here’s the rest of the prints to be given to my siblings. IMG_2105 2_Fotor_Fotor.jpgThis photo printer would definitely be a great gift for your loved ones and friends this coming Christmas.

The printer is also available in Pink.

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 8.25.54 PM.png

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