How I dealth with my Neighbor’s nuisance


Tambak since October

That house right there is a mess…and it didn’t stay just there.

See, I never had problems with my neighbors. Maybe because I don’t exactly give a big deal about what they do. I don’t normally socialize with them unless they approach me first. I’m not a bad neighbor, I just didn’t want to have this relationship with them that will be temporary.

I mind my own business and I expect the same from them. I’m not directly affected if they do karaoke the whole day. Don’t care if their dogs makes noises in the wee hours of the night or day. Don’t care if they argue with each other as long as they’re not killing one another. Don’t care if they gossip about other neighbors. I didn’t care until the time the house in front of us have started renovating theirs.

By just looking at the picture above, what could possibly go wrong with those construction materials. They are totally harmless one can say and I do agree. Not until those sands gets blown by the wind directly at you or your property. Wind + sands (uncovered) = pissed off neighbor.

Last December the weather was mostly windy. So my husband and I decided to document how much incovenience those sands have costs us. We realized that we have been cleaning our garage and front porch several times a day causing an increase in our water bill a few hundred pesos.


Taken in the morning of Dec. 17th.

Those sands even clogged the drainage in the sidewalk. The Village maintenance guy had to clear it out since it’s part of their duty.

Come night time, they are back! That’s the play area of my kids and our dog. 20170101_204924

We did raised the concern several times to the Village Guard OIC as well as with the PMO. Not sure what actions where taken but there was no remediation made.

What really pulled my trigger was when we came back from our 3 days New Year staycation. These photos sent me back to 1991 remembering the volcanic ashes left by Mt. Pinatubo in my grandparents yard. 20170101_204918


Jollibee and Friends are still all smiles.

That poor car was helpless. Good thing it had Jollibee and friends to accompany her during those ruthless days.

So I grabbed my laptop and composed my email to our PMO supported by these pictures. I did a little research on how to deal with the situation legally. Anything that has ‘Legal’ in it whether you’re bluffing or not, people will start to act with urgency. But I am serious with my legal actions in case I don’t shake ’em.

Here’s an excerpt of Section 8 from RA 386 or the Civil Code of the Philippines for dealing with private or public nuisance.

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 7.30.57 AM.png

Few days after, they covered the facade of that house. They built the trapal wall. Good job for taking action almost a month after.img_2411

Now, I just have to endure the hammering/power tools noises from 9am to 5pm.




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