Late Post: A year ender staycation at Hotel 101 Manila Day 2

20161231_093723One of the best part about staycations…Buffet Breakfast!!!

I’ve always been excited about breakfast, especially if it’s a buffet one. Who wouldn’t???

We also witnessed these Firefighters and Ambulance parade.20161231_064724

My kids are more excited to take a dip in the pool. So as a compromise, their wish were granted first. Early as 6 am, we head into the pool. It was windy and cold. And they loved it!


An hour after, we went to the ground floor restaurant where the buffet is served.


Loved the selection of the food. Simple, light and appetizing. 20161231_09041020161231_09210120161231_09035520161231_09210420161231_092109

The salad bar and dessert station lacks something. Not sure why that is. 20161231_09211620161231_090343The rest of the day was once again spent in MOA. Had a simple dinner at Chili’s and a little walk before heading back to the hotel for the NY countdown.


Happy New Year from Team Bubblebee!



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