Grad School


Today I had my entrance exam for Grad school. It wasn’t what I was expecting it to be. I thought it will be a standard type of entrance exam when you get into college. So no preparation on my end was done. No strategy, no rituals…just plain confidence and prayers, to hopefully make the exam results positive.

There were just a few of us, less than 15 in the testing room. I was looking at each person and nobody was seated side by side of each other. Walang friendly, walang mr/ms congeniality. Which I find amusing. This is supposed to be a place where you can network with professionals. Well maybe its premature pa.

There were two sets of exams. First is for the critical thinking assessment and the other is an essay. 45 mins for the 80 questions critical thinking assessment. 30 mins for the essay but I guess you can take it longer since I was the only one who complied with the 30-min mark. In other words, I was the first to finish and leave the room.

Critical thinking. It wasn’t easy, not so hard as well. Everything with time limit is challenging. Remember this is only a 45-min exam for 80 questions. That’s approx 56 seconds for each questions including the instructions and sample q&a. For reference you can google search about Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Assessment.

Essay. There are only 4 questions to fill in.
First question is about your leadership capacity and potential. This is limited to 500 words.

Second question – about your career progression and your long and short-term plans

Third question – about a certain failure in your life and how you managed to get through it.

Fourth question- if you have ever been challenged about your ethics and moral beliefs and what you learned from it.

It’s gonna take 5 days for the result to come out. I’m really hoping I’ll get in.

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