Why pencil booking is a must before buying that online deal


This is just a follow-up post for my F1 Hotel Staycation.

I’m a sucker for online deals. I’ve never had any booking issues since I mostly use my vouchers months prior. But this particular time, it was an unplanned staycation.

Good thing DealGrocer’s still offering this hotel in Taguig. I intend to get a Deluxe Weekend Stay for 2 with Buffet Breakfast valued at Php 4,620.

I will timeline my experience here.

Nov. 26th – It was a short lead time so I had to call the hotel to verify if they still have the room available for the 2nd weekend of December. The reception person did confirm that they have available room, but I will need to call the reservation desk during business hours to confirm my booking. So just right after I put the phone down, I immediately purchased the deal and emailed my voucher minutes after receiving it following the instructions for the reservation.

Nov. 28th – I didn’t get a reply after 2 days so I had to follow-up via email.

Nov. 29th – It wasn’t until the 3rd day the hotel reservation desk replied and asked for my coupon code that has already been provided initially.

Dec. 1st – The email transaction was soooo slow that they emailed me back to tell me that the room is not available on the date I preferred. I was fuming in anger and called their reservation desk and asked for the Supervisor in charge. I wasn’t calm! I was bitchy with the Supervisor and told her that their delay have caused me to lose that room. I demanded for a refund since there’s no point of not being able to use it on that date. I wasn’t assured of any, was told to go through DealGrocer for it. After getting back to my senses, I told the Reservation Supervisor to book me on the next available weekend. She obliged.

I gave them a poor rating in Trip Advisor because of this experience.

Dec. 4th – After a few days, I still couldn’t accept my defeat. I called the hotel just to make sure that they are still fully booked on the weekend I intend to use my voucher. When the hotel staff confirmed that they still have a Deluxe room available, I emailed the Reservation Supervisor to amend to the original weekend (Dec. 9th). Guess what? It was a smooth transaction, she rebooked and had me signed and confirmed the reservation details. I was thankful and happy and decided to change the rating I entered into TripAdvisor. Just sad that I could not make another Trip Advisor review, not after 3 months for the same hotel.

I would like to extend my apologies to the hotel reservation officer and Supervisor for being a bitch over the phone. No excuse for my attitude but I truly appreciate their composure and professionalism.

Few things I learned from this experience:

  1. Do not purchase that online deal in the wee hours of the night. Chances are the Hotel do not have a 24-hours reservation office. If they do, have them pencil book your preferred date(s).
  2. Always follow up your email transactions with a phone call. This will indicate your sense of urgency to finalize your bookings.
  3. Be accountable of your actions even if the other end mishandled your requests.

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