Coupons! Coupons! Coupons!

20170218_154817I haven’t been into a travel tour expo because of it being too crowded. Last weekend, I dared to go just for the sake of…getting a feel of it.

I was intrigued with all the people attending such expo, and when hubby and I decided to go, we didn’t know what to expect besides being able to get great deals on accommodations and airfares.

When we got to the venue, we paid Php 60/person for the entrance. There were so many people inside the convention center considering that it hasn’t been an hour when the venue opens.

Citibank agents are all over the place offering a tub of popcorn when you sign up and apply for a credit card.

There are also travel agents giving out flyers and other freebies to encourage you to visit their booths for affordable tour packages. It was exhausting just walking around due to the traffic of people.

Since we didn’t prepare any budget for availment of any of the tour packages, we were happy that we get to take home some freebies and lots of flyers for reference. Next year, we know what to do.


Also hoping to win anyone of these raffle coupons given to us.


1 more coupon missing in this picture is a trip to Hong Kong.

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