My winning from Crown Regency Hotel and Resort…and what I’ve gotten myself into

screenshot_2017-02-21-09-47-04_fotor_fotorImagine my excitement when Crown Regency first called me to let me know that I won a 3D/2N hotel accommodation last wednesday. But due to scheduling conflict, I was only able to redeem it over the weekends. 

You have probably read my post about the other winning I got from Stellar. Club Ultima’s offering is way better.Though the approach, the presentation and the setup is all the same.

Club Ultima did not offer a lunch buffet, but they have refreshments for you to take. There’s pansit in the menu. This post is graphics deprived, there’s not much photos to share.

So here’s the text message I got from Club Ultima. screenshot_2017-02-21-09-47-04_fotorscreenshot_2017-02-21-09-47-22_fotor

Remember, the night before our Club Ultima invite, we were with Stellar. So na stress test na kami. We are more than ready for this battle of the 90-min presentation.

What I like about Club Ultima is the transparency they shared with us. No sugar coating, no hard selling. Joseph, our agent for the day is very professional and accommodates our questions promptly.

Club Ultimas’ packages is higher than Stellar because of one thing… the membership is lifetime. Lifetime! That’s what we have been looking for. This is it pansit.

Club Ultima have 3 packages to offer you.

  • Individual A – 400k+ (free 7 nights/annum)
  • Individual B – 700k+ (free 14 nights/annum)
  • Corporate B – 1.2M+ (free 21 nights/annum)

They will offer you the standard 7 room nights free accommodation. Which you can enjoy after paying 30% of the TCP. Also applies to the rest of the packages. The remaining balance is payable in 48 months with no interest. Again, the offer is only available on the same day.

In order for you to secure your spot, you just need to pay Php 20k as downpayment. If you have the money, you can pay in any amount you can outright afford. 

They accept payment by debit, credit or cheque… sayang walang inkind. 

For the Corporate plan, you can nominate 3 members with 3 sets of dependents each. 

What are the benefits??? I got 3 pages of that. Hehe.

Pros: It’strasferrable. Lifetime. You get to use the hotel facilities even when you’re not checked-in. You get consumable coupons for their sky experience adventures and buffet breakfast. Discounts on International tie-up hotels.

Cons: Annual maintenance fee. Annual membership fee for International tie-ups. 

I’m gonna say this again, if you have the money to spare and you love to travel and wants to pass this on to your kids or relatives…then you should go and avail their plans. 

If you can’t sustain the annual fees, and you travel less, and you don’t find this useful in you life…DO NOT fall for it.

Don’t worry for us, I will update this blog about our future journey with Club Ultima.

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