#TeamBumbleBeeTravels: HongKong-Macau Day 1


Ngiti nang Tagumpay!

6 months ago I was able to book our HK trip via CebuPac promo. I booked the not so convenient time for our departure. I guess that’s how promo fares worked (or mabagal lang ako talaga maghanap at naunahan nang iba). At the same time I also made the booking to Golden Crown Guesthouse and paid the reservation fee of 550hkd online.

I bought HKDs from Security Bank the week before our departure. Exchange rate at that time is 6.67.

We arrived in NAIA T3 five hours prior to our 7pm flight. We headed straight to pay for our travel tax and took our late lunch before getting our boarding passes(web check-in has been completed the day before).

We had lunch at Pizza Hut since the kids are craving for pepperoni pizza. Iba talaga ang presyo pag nasa airport, mahalya ang mga pagkain. I loved Pizza Hut’s mango chicken salad though. Nothing special about their fish and chips and 1pc chicken. No pix for the pizza coz my monster kids grabbed the slices too quickly.

When the bag drop counter opens, I asked if we can be a chance passenger on an earlier flight. We were accommodated since the 2 flights scheduled earlier are not full. We took the 4:20pm flight instead of the 6:10pm that was initially offered at the counter. That’s one reason for you to go earlier for check-in. Thus, the ngiti nang tagumpay caption in the above pix. Maliwanag pa nang umalis kami.

As usual, there’s a delay with our flight. No need for me to reiterate, normal na sa CebPac yan.

We arrived in Hong Kong a little past 7pm. Had to take a train pa going to the immigration. After getting cleared from Immigration we headed straight to get the pocket wifi and Adult Octopus cards I booked from Klook. The pocket wifi is at Counter A03 while the Octopus Cards at Counter A13. The staff in Counter A13 was generous enough to give my kids complimentary Child passes good for 4 days. I can say nakatipid kami sa mtr fare nang mga bata. I bought them Child Octopus cards na din since we’ll be taking the A21 bus going to Tsim Sha Tsui.



Klook Adult Octopus card + preloaded 50hkd cost Php 640/person. The Child Octopus card I got from the MTR Customer Service for 70hkd each.


These are vouchers you can exchange for Child Tourist Cards. This is unlimited ride to MTR (only) for a day (24 hours).

We arrived at Golden Crown Guesthouse past 9pm, and paid the hotel balance and attraction tickets.

They also sell ferry tickets but I was not able to get one from them. The ferry tickets maybe cheaper from them but I didn’t ask. We stayed in their quadruple room, that’s room 616. Thankfully they gave us a room with windows. The room priced at 2,200hkd for 4 nights.

We were supposed to call it a day but then hunger strikes. We saw Mcdonalds while on our way to Golden Crown, so we decided to eat there. I got picky eaters so we took the usual burgers and nuggets meal to go.

And that’s a wrap for Day 1.

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 1.34.20 PM

NAIA T3 PROCESS: Travel Tax + Terminal Fee > Boarding Passes > Departure Card > Immigration

HKIA T1 PROCESS: Arrival Card (given in-flight) > Immigration

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