#TeamBumbleBeeTravels: HongKong-Macau Day 3



Ngiting Nakakalula

This is Day 3! We are so ready for you! Breakfast at the usual place. Loved Mcdo’s twisty pasta, it’s their version of our sopas.


Grilled Chicken Twisty Pasta


Sausage and Egg Twisty Pasta

Our itinerary for today is loaded. First half of the day will be at The Peak Tram + Sky Terraces + Madame Tussaud. Second half for the Ocean Park and will conclude at the Garden of the Stars.

When we got into The Peak, there was no queue compared to last night. There were a little over 20 people in the Tram.



On our way up!

As we were waiting for the Sky Terrace to open at 10:30am, we walked around The Peak Tower and across to The Peak Galleria. My family have a low tolerance for the cold climate so we mostly stayed indoor.


The Peak Tower that looks like an inverted protractor.

Would like to go back and taste Mimi’s egg waffle seaweed.


Their Lamington Cakes is similar to our ube bread at our streetside bakeries.


Horsing around The Peak Galleria Observation Deck led to a broken LCD phone.20170329_100556


No phone for his vlog.

It’s sooo cold, we decided to take Madame Tussauds first before going to the Sky Terrace.20170329_101722


Oi si crush! Kiligers!




LKY FTW! Namiss ang Singapore.


Madame Tussauds museum creeps me out. The life size wax figures are creepy but entertaining. My heartbeat almost stopped when I saw Yayoi.


Pero tinabihan ko na din. Kawawa naman mag isa lang sya dyan.

Sky Terrace 428 is 428 metres above sea level and is the highest viewing platform in Hong Kong.


The Hong Kong Skyline hiding in the fog.


Don’t forget to leave a message. The heart tags are free.

Sobrang lamig, balik uli sa loob. Off to Ocean Park.

Lunch time at Neptune Restaurant. Because of our desire to dine with the fishes, we broke our wallet here. Mahalya sa restaurant na ‘to considering we ordered the cheapest they have in the menu. The food is overpriced.


Complimentary appetizer



Kids boat set meal. You can take home the container for an extra cost.

What we wanted to see are closed like the Giant Panda Adventure, The Whiskers Harbour Playground, North Pole Encounter and South Pole Spectacular.

After lunch, we took the Ocean Express train going to the Summit. We rode the Ocean Park Tower to get a 360 view of Hong Kong.


Most of the rides did not appeal to my kids and hubby. Either the rides were too extreme for us or the kids have outgrown them like the carousel, bump car and the ferris wheel. So we just walked around. Ang hirap mag lakad pag uphill and downhill ang lalakaran mo. We are feeling our age. Hahaha.


We were able to rest longer when we watched the Dolphin and Sea Lion show. After that we decided to go back to The Waterfront because there were so many Chinese tourists crowding the walkway. We took the cable car going back and we queued for a tiring  30 mins.

We explored the Old HongKong Street and took photos of the less to no crowd area.


We stopped by the Adventures in Australia while on our way out. The Koalas and Kangaroos are lame.


By 6pm we head back to the Guesthouse. Had dinner at the usual place and went to Garden of the Stars.


Took home some cute steam buns from Dim Sum Icon before calling it a night.



Shinchan Steamed Chocolate Buns 49hkd


Egg Yolk Buns 45hkd


Buriburi Zaemon Steamed Egg Yolk Buns 49hkd


Shinchan Steamed milk pudding in Coconut Shell 59hkd

And that’s another wrap for Day 3.

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 10.12.19 PM.png

3 thoughts on “#TeamBumbleBeeTravels: HongKong-Macau Day 3

  1. Rezzia pearl acu says:

    Hi. Online nyo po binook yung madam tussauds+ peak tram return + sky terrace?
    How much po nagastos nyo for it?
    Kasi madam tussauds lang po na 190 ang nakalagay sa expense nyo 🙂 yung 3 places na po ba yun?


      • MsShei says:

        All attraction tickets were booked from Golden Crown Guesthouse online. GCG have the cheapest price. If you’re not staying with them, pwede ka mag walk in and buy the tickets sa reception area.


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