#TeamBumbleBeeTravels: HongKong-Macau Day 5

We are on the last leg of the tour. And we are going back to Manila reality.


Before getting our boarding passes, I had to return and get the deposits made for the pocket wifi and the child octopus cards. Got 610hkd back to be exact.

Our Sold Octopus cards still have 15hkd each that we used to purchase some snacks at the 711 airport.

After clearing the Immigration, we had breakfast at Popeye’s since Mcdo had a long queue and we only have an hour left before boarding. And yes, our flight is delayed again (30 mins).

Thank you Hong Kong and Macau!

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 1.42.38 AM

HKIA PROCESS: CebPac boarding passes > Departure Card > Immigration

NAIA T3 PROCESS: Immigration

2 thoughts on “#TeamBumbleBeeTravels: HongKong-Macau Day 5

  1. Rezzia pearl acu says:

    Hi! I’m reading through your whole ITI for HK-Macau po and this is the first time I’ll travel abroad for vacay and I have completely no idea. What’s the Airport express travel pass for po? (HKD200)
    Bukod pa sya sa tax and fees ng airfare namin? Or parang terminal fee po ba sya?


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