Getting myself into BuJo-ing


Cover page

When I saw the BuJo 101 video in my FB feed, I knew I needed to get myself into this new craze.

I’ve had several notebooks/planners for my notes taking and scribbles and doodles. I end up piling up these notes in my desk and bag. BuJo-ing is really a practical and convenient way to organize my thoughts, plans and budgetting.


All the three notebooks/planner now moved to my BuJo (metallic green)

I started easy as not to overdo my first journal. Got a Victoria Dotted Journal from National Bookstore for Php 399. I then realized that I needed a spiral bound journal so that I can easily turn the pages. carries a wide variety of arts and crafts items. I loved this site. This is where I got some of my washis and dotted notebooks.




Here are the rest of my supplies to kick start BuJo-ing.






Roll up pencil case from Sm Department Store for Php 199


Here’s my cover pages for what I’ve indexed. I started this a couple of weeks ago. Please excuse my doodles as I didn’t have much practice.


Also bought this calligraphy book from National Bookstore for Php 199.


I will post some of my spreads as I progressed with this new hobby. Happy BuJo-ing everyone!

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