#TeamBumbleBeeTravels: Mt. Samat, Bataan

img_2996It’s time to hit the road while summer is still on.

It is hubby’s birth week, we decided to hit the beach before summer is over. Since we’re going to Bataan, a little historical side trip wouldn’t hurt.

Since Bataan is just a 3-4 hours drive from Cavite, we arrived early to our destination. IMG_2999I didn’t research much on were to go in Bataan, except for the resort we’re staying in, I only know Mt. Samat Cross and the Phil-Japanese Friendship Tower.

It was a calmed weather and was drizzling a little and it’s good since the hot temperature is no unbearable.

After paying for the entrance and parking fee, we drove up to the Cross’ summit. The kids we’re excited to see what’s in for them. IMG_3002IMG_3004It was just unfortunate that the elevator is not working hence we were not able to get into the Cross’ viewing deck. The doors need to be chained so that no one forces their way in.IMG_3006I loved this view of the Dambana nang Kagitingan Memorial Cross.IMG_3009We then headed down the Colonnade and the Museum.IMG_3011The floor design is so tribal.IMG_3027We didn’t get into the basement Museum because there are a lot of tourists inside, and due to lack of air-conditioning it felt really hot in there. We just enjoyed what we can around the Colonnade.

IMG_3015IMG_3025IMG_3029IMG_3028IMG_3014IMG_3023For a minimal fee and parking, this is good enough side trip. 20170518_095111Off to the tower. This site is so lonesome. There’s no tourists yet when we arrived. We didn’t bother to go down and just took this picture from inside the car. IMG_3171Next stop, Las Casas!

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