#TeamBumbleBeeTravels: Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar – Day 1

20170520_115655Summer is BEACH time. Tara lets.

The kids have been wanting to go swimming ever since school break started. We have been into the south beach several times and decided to take up North this time. Las Casas  is the perfect spot for a beach resort just a few hours away from the metro.

Las Casas is an 18th-century themed beach resort. It took us back to the Philippines Spanish era. And it did!!! Started with the unpaved road leading to the resort. The bumpy track stretches to about 1km into the bridge entrance of the resort.20170518_103536Day tour guests parking space is situated at the resort entrance. Check-in guests parking is provided inside.

Here’s the view from the reception house (Casa Alcuaz). 20170518_131212Upon check-in, we were given a map locating the room where we will be staying as well as key areas of the resort.las casas mapHere’s the panoramic view from the back of Casa Alcuaz.20170518_131017We checked in more than an hour early and our room is not yet available. The staff will just phone me and to come back for the key cards. We left the car in the parking space provided for check-in guests and took their shuttle jeepney to the resort grounds.20170518_110253We were dropped off at Plaza de Castro.20170518_111001We had a light snack and bought fish balls and sorbetes before our stroll.20170518_11200420170518_11154320170518_112047Strolled along Plaza Belmonte and Paseo de Escolta.IMG_3030IMG_3034IMG_3037IMG_3041IMG_3039IMG_3038IMG_3043IMG_3045I was happy to see that there’s pan de coco in this bakery. I love pan de coco. I can eat it all day. Their version is bigger than average and also filling.IMG_3169We circled back to Plaza de Castro and saw the pool just across. Here we enjoyed the nice windy weather. 20170518_111826The ‘Batis’ inspired pool is just calming to look at. IMG_3054Just half an hour later I got a call and was told that the room is ready. Took the shuttle jeepney back to the reception for the key cards and for our baggage.

Our room is at La Ribera near Plaza Marcelino, it is in the Y-bridge. The tallest roof on the right is where our room is, which is at the 2nd floor. 20170519_063937IMG_3085IMG_3084The room is huge enough for a family of 4. We had the Deluxe room with 1 king size bed. I got this for Php 6,000/night, booked from their website.

20170518_133537IMG_3074IMG_3060IMG_3058IMG_3065IMG_3067The slippers are all yours, so don’t be shy to take it home when you leave. IMG_3057These umbrellas are available for use within the resort grounds. IMG_3056IMG_3076FullSizeRender 2IMG_3071After resting for a while, we went back to Plaza Belmonte to have our early dinner. Dinner’s at Cucina ni Nanay Maria. IMG_308020170518_170028IMG_3078After dinner, the kids took a dip in the pool. The beach area closes at 6pm and the pool stays open until 10pm. 20170518_174529.jpgIMG_3081

20170518_18055220170518_18340320170518_183604We had more than enough on the first day. Time to rest and be ready for day 2.

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