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This view could be better with a baby in there.

It’s been a little over a month after my surgery. Four surgical scars were left and still healing. Physical and emotional pain all at once.

It was November of last year when I heard about endometriosis cyst. My transV result is suggestive of dermoid vs endometrial cyst. I was liked endo what?!? PCOS and dermoid are common, endo is new to me. What the OB and I knew back then is that I got two of it in my left ovary.

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Besides the infertility issue and severe abdominal pain, I can’t remember how I got myself to visit an OB after almost 7 years. The findings were no big deal at that time, well at least how the OB sounded like. It didn’t sound concerning. I didn’t take any medication as well. I even thought of the pain to be psychological that’s why it felt more painful. A few months passed until I decided to get a second opinion. I was referred by my kumare to a new OB. The new OB suggested to have another transV performed to see if the cyst is growing. The result is similar to the previous ones. There’s still two of them.

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My new OB advised to have the cysts removed if my abdominal pain is no longer tolerable. She suggested to have a laparoscopy done to surgically removed the cyst. I was up for it, since I’ve been starting to experienced dysmenorrhea during my period which I never had.

As time flies, it wasn’t until May when I really pushed to have the operation performed as soon as the OB can. My abdominal pain progressed very quickly. I’ve been having this labor like pain even if I don’t have my period. Pain after getting up from bed. Painful urination and intercourse. Numbness of my left leg from the pelvic area. I’ve already used up too much of my sick leaves because of the severe pain. I’ve been having difficulties driving myself to work since my left leg occasionally numbed, my left pelvic joint felt like it locks itself.

I was emotionally stressed because of the pain I left untreated for almost 5 months. I was always irritated and unfocused at work. The pain wasn’t just killing me emotionally, it was driving me crazy. In less than 2 weeks time, I requested to have the operation scheduled as soon as possible. After getting a CP (CardioPulmonary) clearance from an IM doctor, the operation was scheduled for early am of June 5. Hospital check-in before 5pm of June 4. Fasting started at 10pm of June 4.


An OB-Oncology doctor will perform the lap. I was referred to Dr. Angelito Magno from De La Salle University Medical Center in Dasma. He’s been very accommodating about my queries of the procedure. He’s a young doctor but very much experienced in handling this type of operation.

I couldn’t ask for a better OB-Oncologist than Dr. Magno. The operation took less than 2 hours. The operation took out my left ovary, left fallopian tube and the cysts. I stayed in the hospital for 3-days until I was back on my feet. Here’s the obligatory hospital bed pix.


Thank goodness for Medicard and Philhealth for covering most of the hospital expenses. The hospital bill was more expensive than my last CS operation. Ang mahal na magkasakit now a days.

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 8.28.35 PM.png

I loved the Premiere room of DLSUMC. Hospital food is good as well. Food trip mga ka-beshy.


Staycation that the kids didn’t want to come back to.


Several weeks after the operation, I had my period. It wasn’t as painful when the cysts were still present, but the pain is more likely coming from my healing incisions. There are 4 incisions total – two to the left side, 1 in my belly button and 1 on my right side.

Had a post-op appointment with Dr. Magno for the biopsy result of the cysts. Good thing its benign. The incisions are healing well. You maybe wondering about the rest of my scars, had appendectomy in 2001 and cesarean section in 2005 and 2010. Traumas my abs had gone through.

As a post-op measures for endometriosis recurrence, I’m on OCP for 6 months.


I’m slowly getting back to my normal routine while allowing my body to heal itself. No stress no pressure. It’s just sad that I missed to enroll in my Master’s class this semester because of the pain of my incisions.

Still on the road to recovery and maximizing the magna carta benefit for this disorder.

For more information about Dr. Magno, you can visit him or contact him with the below details.

doc magno.jpg

To know more about endometriosis, visit webmd.

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