My winning from Stellar Hotel and Resort…and the 90-min ordeal

There were actually 2 people who called me last week to get my free 3D/2N accommodation at Astoria. First was from Stellar Vacation Club and second is from AVLCI. 

When I told the later that I had already won the same accommodation from Stellar, AVLCI didn’t send me a text message to confirm my winnings.

This isn’t the first time I heard about this strategy. I was invited by Astoria years ago when we were vacationing in Boracay. Hubby and I wasn’t able to join the lunch buffet since our itinerary was full.

So here’s the confirmation text message from Stellar.screenshot_2017-02-21-09-45-49_fotorscreenshot_2017-02-21-09-46-44_fotor

Since we didn’t have any engagements set for the weekend, we decided to make patol to the offer. After all, a free dinner buffet would be worth it.

We arrived at Astoria Hotel Plaza in Pasig at around 7:30pm. We headed straight into the basement parking. Parking is also free. Pero sa parking pa lang may aberya na. Somebody took our slot. Good thing the next one is vacant.

Anyways, we went into Cafe Astoria Restaurant at the Ground Floor. There were several couples and families taking their dinner. All of which were invited for the same presentation.

Cafe Astoria had an elegant vibe to it. Classy but simple.20170218_20240920170218_20244120170218_202137

I loved the selection of foods they offer.20170218_20215020170218_20220220170218_20221520170218_20222520170218_202234And here’s the salad bar. Happy tummy, Happy hubby. Kahit si Ate, masaya sa likod. 20170218_20225220170218_20235020170218_20234020170218_20232520170218_20231420170218_202309The desserts and bread stations.20170218_20224320170218_202402Our drinks were served in our table. An ice cold water and iced tea.

After the buffet, they will accompany you to the 2nd floor where they will conclude the 90-mins presentation. There are several tables inside where couples/families are assigned their own agent who will introduce their offerings. This is gonna be a long night of hard core selling. But you didn’t need to fall for it. And we didn’t, because of the only two obejctives we set our minds before attending. (1) free dinner buffet and (2) get the 3D/2N Gift Certificate. After all, the phone person said that there is no financial obligations in claiming the freebies.

So ayun na nga, it was super duper hard-core to the nth level selling. A certain Ernest is our sales agent. Can’t blame him, it’s his job to sell their services. He’s jolly, funny and gayish.

To cut the story short, he introduced the value of vacationing, Stellar’s tie-up hotels with RCI (Resorts and Condominiums International) and the concept of timesharing. Since we’re not really into it, we asked him to lay down the cost of what we would be getting ourselves into. And he did…after his 90-mins presentation (90-mins of daldal actually).

They are offering a holiday ownership. Stellar only have one membership plan for all walks of life, whether you’re working in a call center or a fish vendor or a bigtime Lawyers/Doctors. Those are who Ernest claims to have become their member. The cost of membership???

Three Hundred and Eight Thousand Pesos!!!

They offer an affordable payment option, maka join ka lang. Your downpayment option is only from 20%-30%. If you have the money to spare, you can make your DP higher. The balance is payable in 3-years with no interest. Roughly, Php 5,989 per month. Affordable right?

SO, what’s in the package:

  • It’s a 16-years membership validity
  • 7 days gift certificate/annual (in 16 years, that’s 112 days of free accommodation)
    • if unused, can be carried over to the next year. Maximum of 3 weeks or 21 days carry overs only.
    • this is a 1-BR suite accommodation
    • this is transferrable. you can sell it for all you want.
  • Can be use in any local or international destination
  • International destination includes: Asia, US and Europe
  • Accommodations through their tie-up hotels (your choice of a 4✯ to 5✯ resorts)

Here’s the catch:

  • In order for you to get the 1 week free accommodation, you need to have paid 30% of the total contract price. That’s Php 92,400.
  • Annual payment of Php 10,000 for the room maintenance fee. For 16 years, that’s Php 160,000
  • You pay a total of SGD 108 fee for your international accommodation with their tie-up hotels (regardless of how long you will stay. Min is 3 days). Convert…Php 3,672 may vary depends on the rate. For 16 years, Php 58,752.
  • There is a block out date, which are the holiday period
  • Annual payment of Php 5,000 for the copy of their international hotel directory (RCI and Stellar). For 16 years, Php 80,000.

You guys do the math.

Do it now, because once you get invited, they won’t give you the time to do the thinking. Also, the offer is available on the same day only.

This scheme may work for some but will not for most. If you think your hard-earned money is worth this, then go for it. But if you won’t be able to sustain the cost for 16 years, DO NOT COMMIT!

We ended the night getting our free gift certificate. And getting our tummy full.stellar-edit

What they got from us? Sama nang loob and pagod sa pagsasalita. Hahah.

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